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Comprehensive Sites

Energy Star
A joint venture of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy, the Energy Star program encompasses everything from home appliances to homes themselves, along with commercial and industrial buildings, lighting and more. The official site provides information on all of these, along with a variety of interactive financial and energy calculators. It also list of Energy Star Award winners in many categories. 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies Network
The US Department of Energy’s comprehensive resource for renewable energy and energy efficiency information, with access to more than 600 links and 80,000 documents. A recent reorganization of this exhaustive site has created a new look while dramatically improving users’ ability to find specific information. The database of links has also been reorganized by resource type, and each link now includes a brief description of the site.

Business Strategies and Technology

The Center for Energy & Climate Solutions
A non-profit organization created to help businesses and governments create cost-effective solutions that save energy and reduce pollution, particularly the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. A partner in the Climate Savers partnership program, the Center also offers a wide variety of strategic, technological and regulatory expertise.

US Green Building Council
The Council works to accelerate the adoption of green building practices, technologies, policies, and standards. Its 740 members include product manufacturers, building and design professionals, retailers and building owners, financial industry leaders and environmental advocacy groups.

International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol 
“Best practice” performance verification for energy and water efficiency and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities. Translated into 10 languages, the MVP is sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy and maintained by an international coalition of facility owners/operators, financiers, energy services companies and others.

Capital E
The premier provider of integrated intelligence and strategic advice on distributed energy technologies.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Environmental Energy Technology Division 
A great site for advanced energy and energy-saving technologies, by the experts at the Lawrence Berkley National Lab.

International Cogeneration Alliance
The International Cogeneration Alliance is an industry federation promoting sustainable economic development and energy market modernization through the use of high-efficiency cogeneration systems. The site publicizes upcoming conferences, provides an overview of cogeneration and its benefits, and makes available papers, articles and essays on the subject. 

Finance Issues & Opportunities

State Financial Incentives Search Form
Many states offer financial incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency programs that can dramatically reduced project costs. To find out what’s available in your area, visit this searchable database. 

Energy Financing Tools
Department of Energy site offering financing information for clean and efficient energy projects by industry, small business, homeowners, utilities and more. 

California Incentives Site
Incentives and opportunities for clean, efficient energy technology in California are changing fast. Visit the state’s new web site providing easy access to rebates for energy efficiency and demand reduction. The Web site provides a link to a database of rebate programs available in California. 

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Founded in 1984, this non-profit organization promotes environmentally sustainable societies by providing information about energy and climate, water and sustainable communities, transportation, and economic and fiscal policy. The site includes the group's briefing summaries and a newsletter and allows users to register to be notified of future briefings.

Consumer/Residential Information

California’s 20 Percent Solution
The site identifies energy efficiency measures for Californians according to the region they live in, the size of their house or apartment, and whether or not they have air conditioning. Visitors can also learn about California's 20/20 Rebate Program, which offers a 20 percent rebate on electricity bills from June through September 2001 for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Southern California Edison who use at least 20 percent less electricity than the same period last year.

Consumer Energy Center
Developed by the California Energy Commission, this site offers consumers a variety of information on energy topics, ranging from the cost and benefits of investing in solar panels and small-scale wind projects to building efficiency and construction practices to suit California's various climate regions. Tips on conserving electricity while using today's modern conveniences are included, as well as specific advice for industrial and agricultural consumers.

Corporate Global Warming Partnerships

Climate Savers
Climate Savers is a business innovation initiative organized by WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization in partnership with the Center for Energy & Climate Solutions. This initiative aims to mobilize companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the leading cause of global warming. US Partners include IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Polaroid. 

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
The Pew Center on Global Climate Change is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization dedicated to providing credible information, straight answers and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change. Thirty-two major companies, with most included in the Fortune 500, are working together through the Center to educate the public on the risks, challenges and solutions to climate change.

Environmental Defense / Partnership for Climate Action
The Partnership for Climate Action, a collaboration of business and environmental leaders dedicated to climate protection, will limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, take direct actions, employ market-based mechanisms, and share its learning. 


Clean Air – Cool Planet
Focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Northeast US, Clean Air-Cool Planet is building an alliance of individuals, institutions and community leaders aimed at implementing global warming solutions.

Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy
Minnesotans for An Energy-Efficient Economy (ME3) is a coalition working to improve the quality of life, the environment and the economy of Minnesota by promoting energy efficiency and the sound use of renewable energy. Through a program of research, public education, and intervention in the decision-making process, ME3 seeks to develop and build consensus for an energy vision that will ensure the well-being of future generations.

Northwest Energy Coalition
The Northwest Energy Coalition is an alliance of nonprofit organizations, utilities, and businesses from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia. The site features articles and fact sheets on energy conservation and renewable energy resources, affordable energy, and fish and wildlife restoration on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Midwest Global Warming Leadership Council
The Midwest Global Warming Leadership Council is a Chicago-based coalition of forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious businesses from all over the Midwest. Council members are fighting harmful climate change through their products, services and business practices; and demonstrating that the environment and economy are not a trade-off.

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
CEERT is a coalition of the nation's leading environmental and public interest groups and innovative technology companies working to develop America's clean, renewable energy resources. Founded in California in 1990, CEERT campaigns cover a wide range of issues, including sustainable electrical generation policies throughout the West.


World Resources Climate Protection Initiative
The Climate Protection Initiative (CPI) is a partnership between WRI and private firms to identify acceptable policies and business strategies for achieving strong climate protection goals. The CPI team is working with corporations to define policy pathways for stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations and meeting world energy demand, while maintaining a healthy economic environment.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection.