The Hype About Hydrogen

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The Hype About Hydrogen: A Realistic Primer on the 
Promise of Hydrogen

March 8, 2004—The Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF) announces the release of Joseph Romm’s new book, The Hype About Hydrogen, (Island Press). In the book, Romm provides a blueprint for safely navigating our way into a post-2050 hydrogen economy, while still trying to reverse global warming in the short-term. 

As a former head of energy efficiency and renewable technologies under President Clinton, Romm explains why hydrogen isn’t the quick technological fix that many people profess it to be.

Romm’s book is “must reading for anyone who thinks hydrogen cars can help us address global warming before mid-century,” says Arthur H. Rosenfeld, California Energy Commissioner.

While factories powered by stationary fuel cells may become common after 2010, Romm argues that when it comes to transportation—the fastest growing source of greenhouse-gas emissions—hydrogen is unlikely to have a significant impact before 2050, and the climate can’t wait that long. “We must act now,” urges Romm, “to reduce greenhouse gases by speeding the adoption of existing energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies, while developing hydrogen technologies for the long-term.”

Dr. Romm is Director of the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions (CECS), which promotes clean and efficient energy technologies to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. CECS is a division of GETF, dedicated to working with all institutions of society to build an infrastructure for sustainable development.