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Statistics Show Energy Demand Growth Slows as the
Net Grows

The Internet and the New Economy are producing more than just a business revolution: They are also generating enormous energy and environmental savings. In making business more efficient, information technology is reducing the energy and materials needed for each dollar of output - often dramatically - and increasing overall productivity, the Internet stands to revolutionize the relation between economic growth and the environment. Increasingly, the Net itself is being used to manage energy use directly. 

Using Energy Department data, the Center for Energy & Climate Solutions has demonstrated both direct and indirect energy savings, and shown that US energy demand growth has slowed substantially since the start of the Internet boom. 

The findings debunk an all-too-common myth that the Internet is the cause for rising energy demand in the U.S. To the contrary, they believe demand would be much higher without Internet savings. 

Latest Findings
Testimony on Internet Energy Impacts before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, September 2000 

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